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Required documents:

  • land and mortgage register number,

  • the basis for the acquisition, e.g.: an extract from a notarial deed, a final court decision confirming the acquisition of an inheritance, an extract from a certificate of inheritance, allocation of a cooperative ownership right to a dwelling,

  • personal data of the parties (names, surname, parents' names, ID card or passport number and their expiry date, PESEL number, address of residence, marital status, matrimonial property regime),

  • current market value of the apartment,

  • issue date,

  • information whether this is the first donation between the parties in the last 5 "tax" years,

  • information whether an easement is to be established in connection with the donation,

  • information whether the donation is to be exempted from inclusion in the inheritance in accordance with art. 1039 § 1 of the Civil Code,

  • information about registered persons,

  • in the case of a cooperative ownership right to premises without a land and mortgage register: a certificate from a housing cooperative and information whether a land and mortgage register is to be established.

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