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Required documents:

  • land and mortgage register number,

  • the basis for the acquisition of real estate, e.g.: extract of a notarial deed, allocation of a cooperative ownership right to a dwelling,

  • personal data of the parties (names, surname, parents' names, ID card or passport number and their expiry date, PESEL number, address of residence),

  • an agreement establishing property separation or a decision on separation or divorce,

  • assets subject to division,

  • information whether the division of property is partial or complete,

  • specifying the method of division of property (who is to receive a given item, whether in whole or in shares and in what amount),

  • determining whether the division of property is carried out with a repayment/additional payment to one of the parties,

  • information on outlays from joint property on personal property,

  • information on outlays from personal property to joint property,

  • the value of the funds accumulated on the account of the open or employee pension fund of each of the spouses,

  • the amounts of contributions recorded on the sub-accounts of each of the spouses referred to in Art. 40a of the Act of October 13, 1998 on the social insurance system,

  • the current market value of each of the items of the contract,

  • issue date,

  • information whether there is anyone registered in the apartment/residential building,

  • if the property includes a house - description of the building (whether it has been reported for use, number of storeys, usable area, whether it has a basement).

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