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Required documents:

  • land and mortgage register number,

  • the basis for the acquisition, e.g.: a copy of a notarial deed, a final court decision confirming the acquisition of inheritance, a copy of the inheritance certificate,

  • personal data   of the person establishing the easement and the person entitled under the easement  (names, surname, parents' names, ID card or passport number and their expiry date, PESEL number, address of residence , marital status, matrimonial property regime), and if the easement is established by a legal person (or other entity) - full company/name with representatives' data, register numbers, REGON, NIP, address,

  • specifying the type of easement, e.g. passage, passage, transmission, apartment; the content of the easement and the manner of its execution,

  • determining whether the easement is paid or free of charge,

  • determining whether the easement will be established for a definite or indefinite period.

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