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Required documents:

  • land and mortgage register number,

  • in the case of a cooperative ownership right to the premises: a certificate fromhousing cooperative and information whether a land and mortgage register is to be established,

  • the basis for the purchase, e.g. a copy of a notarial deed, a final court decision
    confirmation of inheritance acquisition, extract of the inheritance certificate, allocation
    cooperative ownership right to a dwelling,

  • in the event that the acquisition comes from inheritance, donation, gratuitous abolition
    co-ownership, acquisitive prescription - a certificate from the Tax Office that the tax on
    inheritances and donations was not due, was paid or the liability expired,

  • personal data of the parties (names, surname, parents' names, ID card number or
    passport and their expiry date, PESEL number, address of residence, marital status, political system
    matrimonial property, and in the case of legal persons (or other entities) – full
    company/name with representatives' data, register numbers, REGON, NIP, address),

  • fixed price, date and method of payment, information about the deposit/advance paid,

  • issue date,

  • if the premises are encumbered with a mortgage - PROMESA BANKU, with an indication
    technical account to be repaid - from which it should result, after payment, what amount, by title
    repay the entire debt of the bank, the bank will consent to the deletion of the mortgage

  • seller's bank account number,

  • a certificate that no one is registered in the premises,

  • certificate that there is no debt due to service charges,

  • loan agreement with attachments and documents from the bank to establish a mortgage,
    if the payment of the whole or part of the sale price is made from a bank loan,

  • energy performance certificate for the premises.

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