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Required documents:

  • land and mortgage register number,

  • in the case of a cooperative ownership right to premises without a ledger
    perpetual - certificate from the cooperative,

  • the basis for the purchase, e.g. a copy of a notarial deed, a final court decision
    confirmation of inheritance acquisition, extract of the inheritance certificate, allocation
    cooperative ownership right to a dwelling,

  • personal data of the parties (names, surname, parents' names, ID card number or
    passport and their expiry date, PESEL number, address of residence, marital status, political system
    matrimonial property, and if the party to the contract is to be a legal person (or other
    entity) - full company/name with representatives' details, register numbers, REGON, NIP,

  • fixed price, date and method of payment, information on the amount of the down payment/advance payment,

  • issue date,

  • if the subject of sale is encumbered with a mortgage - information from the Bank about
    the amount of the remaining total of the bank's receivables, after the repayment of which the bank will consent to
    deletion of the mortgage and the method of repayment (e.g. before the conclusion of the final agreement).
    by the Sellers or after the conclusion of the promised agreement - from the funds paid
    by Buyers),

  • if the payment of the price is to be financed partly from a loan - in what amount (minimum)
    a loan is to be granted for the purchase of premises,

  • other agreed conditions for concluding the final contract,

  • seller's bank account number,

  • the date of concluding the promised contract,

  • in the case of a built-up plot - description of the building (whether it has been reported for use,
    number of storeys, usable area, whether there is a basement),

  • information about registered persons,

  • information whether an application is to be submitted to section III of the land and mortgage register for an entryclaims from the preliminary contract.

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