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Required documents:

  • personal data of Shareholders/Shareholders (names, surname, parents' names, marital status, matrimonial property regime, ID card or passport number and expiry date, PESEL number, address of residence, and if a legal person (or other entity) is to be a party to the contract - full company/name with details of representatives, register numbers, REGON, NIP, registered office address),

  • the Company's company,

  • registered office of the Company (city),

  • duration of the Company (the period for which the company was established), if specified,

  • the subject of the Company's activity (e.g. indication of PKD numbers),

  • method of covering the capital (cash or in-kind contribution; in the case of in-kind contribution, description of the in-kind contribution),

  • number of shares/shares attributable to individual Shareholders/Shareholders,

  • specifying the number of Members and the method of representing the Company,

  • the amount of the share capital, the number of shares/shares and their nominal value,

  • in the case of limited liability company specifying whether a shareholder may have more than one share and whether other company bodies will be appointed;

  • in the case of spółka akcyjna: specification of the amount paid before registration to cover the share capital and whether the shares are registered or bearer shares; the number of shares of particular types and the rights related to them, if shares of different types are to be introduced; specifying the number of members of the Supervisory Board; determination of the entity authorized to determine the composition of the management board, supervisory board.

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